Smile 2022 Showtimes

Smile 2022 Showtimes

Upon observing an unusual and distressing occurrence involving a patient, a psychiatrist develops a growing conviction that she is being menaced by an eerie entity.After dedicating years to escaping her own childhood trauma through tireless work, Dr. Rose Cotter, a compassionate psychiatrist, has become accustomed to treating society’s most vulnerable and damaged individuals. Smile 2022

Smile 2022 Showtimes

However, Laura’s perplexing case presents a unique challenge. As Dr. Cotter endeavors to make sense of the disturbing delusions of this deeply troubled young woman, spine-chilling encounters with the inexplicable cause the therapist to question her own grasp on reality. Can Dr. Cotter confront the unsettling grin of death and come to terms with her own painful past?.

The film also features Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner, Kal Penn, and Rob Morgan, as well as Caitlin Stasey reprising her role from the short film.The feature adaptation of Finn’s short was announced in June 2020, with the cast added in October 2021.

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In a psychiatric ward, therapist Dr. Rose Cotter encounters graduate student Laura Weaver, who recounts witnessing her professor’s suicide and claims to be tormented by an invisible entity that manifests as various smiling individuals and has predicted her own demise. Laura’s sudden outburst of panic prompts Rose to seek assistance, but Laura’s demeanor abruptly shifts to an eerie calm before she proceeds to self-harm, leaving Rose shaken.

The following day, another patient, Carl, exhibits similar behavior to Laura, warning Rose of her impending death with a smile. However, Rose soon discovers that Carl had been asleep the entire time, prompting her supervisor, Dr. Morgan Desai, to order Rose to take a week off work due to concerns about her mental well-being. Rose’s hallucinations persist, leading those around her to fear for her safety.

Casting of Smile 2022

In an effort to address her issues, Rose seeks the counsel of her former therapist, Dr. Madeline Northcott, who suggests that Rose’s traumatic childhood, during which she witnessed her mother’s overdose death, may be the root cause of her current struggles.
Release & Box
Smile, a highly anticipated film, made its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 22, 2022, and was subsequently screened at Beyond Fest on September 27.

Paramount Pictures released the film in the United States on September 30, 2022. Brian Robbins, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures, revealed that Smile was initially intended for a streaming-only release on Paramount+. However, due to the positive feedback received from test screenings, the studio decided to release the film theatrically.

Following its theatrical release, Smile was made available on VOD platforms, including Paramount+, on November 15, 2022. Fans of the film can also purchase a DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD set, which was released on December 13, 2022.

Release & Box

Smile achieved a remarkable box office success, grossing $105.9 million in the United States and Canada, and $111.5 million in other territories, resulting in a worldwide gross of $217.4 million. According to Deadline Hollywood, the film’s net profit was calculated at $101 million, taking into account production budgets, marketing, talent participations, and other costs.

During its opening weekend in the United States and Canada, Smile was released alongside Bros and was expected to gross between $16-20 million from 3,645 theaters.

The film exceeded expectations, earning $8.2 million on its first day, including $2 million from Thursday night previews, and ultimately debuting to $22.6 million, topping the box office and becoming the biggest debut of September 2022.

In its second weekend, the film remained atop the box office, earning $18.4 million and experiencing only an 18% drop, which was the second-smallest ever for a horror film behind Get Out’s 15% in February 2017. Although Smile was dethroned by Halloween Ends in its third weekend, the film continued to hold well, making $12.6 million.


In conclusion, we would like to express that this film has exhibited exceptional car dynamics in terms of both acting performance and technology. Every possible effort has been made to provide quality entertainment to its audience, with the aim of garnering positive feedback and enhancing our reputation.

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